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Learn more about the importance of well written GRE essays

  • Learn more about the importance of well written GRE essays


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Learn more about the importance of well written GRE essays

gre essayThe GRE examination comprises of three parts i.e. quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytic writing ability. During the examination you would be given two tasks in the analytic writing section; an issue writing task and an argument analysis task. In the first task you are required to present an opinion on a given topic and the second task requires you to analyze the reasoning behind an argument. Your essays will be graded on the fluency of your language, your organizational skills and your ability of using the English language. Therefore preparation clubbed with excellent writing skills will enable you to present a well written GRE essay.


A GRE examination enables the admission committee members to evaluate a candidate applying for doctorate and master’s programs at their university. There are other considerations as well which are taken into account such as the candidate’s personal statement essays, academic progress and recommendation letters from the previous college faculty.

How to prepare for the GRE analytic writing test

As mentioned you will be required to write two GRE essays for this section. As you would not have prior knowledge of the questions being asked, it is best to hone your writing skills and be well read. Most topics would cover current issues appearing in newspapers etc. Our company has writers in our essay writing service section who would be able to help you by checking and making the necessary corrections in your practice essays.

Our website would be able to give students tips on how to write and present winning essays. Here are some suggestions:-

  • 1/- Take into account the human aspect when writing your essays

As this section is corrected by humans, you have to impress the readers from the very beginning. As the reader is required to read several essays in a few hours, he/she will be under tremendous pressure. Ensure that your handwriting is legible as the examiner will not have the time or the patience to decipher difficult handwriting. Ensure that you read your question carefully and keep your writing focused.

  • 2/- Logical and sequential structuring

Pay close attention to the structure of your essay. It should be divided into an introduction paragraph, two to three content paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. Take the time to organize your essays into logical sequential paragraphs.

  • 3/- Be logical in your conclusions

The analytical argumentative GRE essay might include logical misleading notions, be sure to sieve through these and make logical conclusions. Be very clear with your analysis in the argumentative essay.

  • 4/- Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect. Practice writing both your essays in the time span allotted for the analytic writing section.

Besides helping students prepare their GRE essays, we also provide other services. Some students, who are excellent in their academics, find the writing of assignments a challenge. You might not have the time to complete a particular assignment. We provide a wide range of writing services. We can provide a custom dissertation written to your specifications and instructions. You can buy essay from  at very nominal rates affordable by students.


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